Hear what the Artist have to say about “I Put Me On, Vol.1” and their track on the project

Read what the Artist have to say about the Project and their track on the project. Read the reasons behind the music they make, and who they would do a song with off of the project.

Here is what these Artist had to say when asked “What do you think about the ‘I Put Me On, Vol.1 project’ who would you do a track with from the project, and why did they make the track that was selected”.


I Put Me On, Vol. 1
More from L.T.
 About the Project:

“Personally think that the cd was great. 100wreckodz had a lot of great tracks on there. I would do a song with any body on there. i can’t wait for Volume 2 to come”.

About LT’s Track:

“(Here we Go Again’) was my come back to the rap world, back to bars and music with Hip-Hop. I was so depressed so badly, and when I wrote that song it was my break-through. (‘It’s like here we go again, now everybody notice him”) meaning ya’ll doubted me but now ya’ll notice me”.Listen to Here we go again now


I Put Me On Vol 1
More from Wade

About the Project:

“Being on the project I would say was nothing more then a blessing. I appreciate everybody who truly connects with music and have a love for it. This was a amazing experience hope it happens again soon, if I had a chance to do a song with anybody, I would have to say Dizzy Wright. Such positive vibe and speaks the truth, kinda like J cole as well but he’s underground.”

About Wade’s track:

“Oh Flex was apart of my debut EP, “High Reservation” that I dropped actually for my classmates. The feature on the song is my older brother, goes by the name of D.Jones. The song came from the idea of us having a little fun instead of making music seem stressful. Flex was such a recognized beat that I felt how could you not nod your head. The song I would say is one of the funniest tracks I’ve done.” Listen to -Flex-by-Wade here



They say
Calamity Kay’s Latest
About the Project:

“I really liked the diversity in the sound. Different artists from different parts of the world but great quality through out. I’d like to do a song with Smashy, even though I couldn’t find anything on him…not even a twitter profile”.

About Calamity Kay’s Track: 

“(“They Say”) is one of the hottest songs on the project. It being the last song would make one want to play the project again.” Listen to-They say-by-Calamity Kay here


We On
Yung Thes Dallas City We On

About the Project:

“”The first project was super dope, its nice to know someone is listening to the underground for new artist. I would be down to work with any of the artist featured because they’re all talented”. 

About Yung Thes’s track:

“My song Dallas City(we on) was just about some things and philosophies I had growing up in Dallas, and how the city as a whole reps itself like everyone in it . I’m just honored to be able to spit about it and mean what I say”.

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