Stop asking for support👎🏿

 We want you to Win!!! 
These days, everyone has something that may need a great mass of people to get them going. What do we mean? Well for example, you may want to be a big time music Artist of some sort, or even a Model, or how about an actor? You may have a few projects that you have worked on that could take off, if only you had some support right? Right.

Without support, you may feel like it’s a waste of time or energy. But the truth is, asking for support only proves the lack of it. When you ask for support it pushes potential supporters away. It’s not the fact that you asked for support that made them stray away from what you have going on. It’s the fact that if you have to ask for support, they can’t help but wonder why, leading them away from supporting you on their own. Instead, let your work gain the supporters and fans on its own. 1 by 1. These are those who are not only interested in what you do or offer, but will support you, promote you and or even recommend you. Support It’s earned by doing great work, not popularity, not affiliation, not flashing money photos or any other degrading tactic. 100 percent work, dedication, and staying honest with your crowd could be your big break. Share this with those you know need to read this. Read More

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