6 months With 100wreckordz, LLC


Are you a Artist? Do you have everything you need as an Artist? Is your music being heard? Does anyone even know you? Do you promote your music? Do you have a Marketing Strategy? Do you have Distribution? Are you paying for Distribution? Do you get your covers done for singles & Projects? Do you need help? 

100wreckordz, LLC
Join Us

We Are offering a 6 month Partnership with Artist to help boost off their Career. All those questions we asked at the beginning, are things we can help accommodate you with. If you are looking to be a Artist, and a Artist only. You should contact us as soon as possible. But hey, we don’t want dreamers. We want workers, those who push their music as hard as they expect the Label to. We will get your music heard, promoted, Distributed, Marketed, talked about, and shared all around the world. Here is your chance to do nothing more then Rap, Record, Promote, and leave everything else to us.  

Free Mixtape by Mr100
Released on 12/26/2015
100wreckordz, LLC
For My Haters By L.T.
The Real Deal by 3 ft Mr100
Download & Listen Free
Album from L.T. 100wreckordz, LLC
Coming Soon
Hallelujah 100wreckordz, LLC
Releasing Feb 1, 2016

To get things going you must email us with your Alias, Social Networks (Twitter, Facebook, SoundCloud, ect). Songs that you are interested in getting heard, or Project. You must also follow us on Twitter or SoundCloud. Your progress begins now. Email 100wreckordz, LLC                       Follow 100wreckordz, LLC                          Join 100wreckordz, LLC On SoundCloud

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