Top 10 Songs on Our SoundCloud Page

Below are the Top 10 songs on our Channel based only off of amount of plays. 

  Here is the Latest track on Our SoundCloud. The Real Deal

1. “What U Mad 4?” By Mr100 (492.1K plays) Listen Free

2. “Don’t Feel U” By Mr100 ft. 3, Dope Boy Tone (323.8K plays) Listen Free

3. “That’s 100” By Mr100 (222.5K plays) Listen Free

4. “No What I’m Saying” By Mr100 (210.3K plays) Listen & Download Free

5. “Thirsty” By Rico Seville (158.9K plays) Listen Free

6. “Work, Work, Work” By Mr100 (122.9K plays) Listen Free

7.”Here We Go Again” By L.T. (51.8K plays) Listen & Download Free

8. “Posted On Da Corner” By Jay Gutta (50K plays) Listen & Download Free

9. “Watch” By Cassius Kendrell (49.7K plays) Listen & Download

10. “Bottles Up High” By Numbas (49.6K plays) Listen & Download

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