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100WRECKORDZ LLC has released plenty of music in 2018 alone. You can get the latest music from any Digital Store that you prefer using. You will find Artist like Mr.100, 3, Rico Seville, L.T. A.K.A. Lawrence Taylor, Mikey Vanhailen, DupreeWorld, DaSauce, Chuck Nameless, Gheddy, Richie Trapps, Lil Wockhardt, FCGZ & much more. Add hot music from 100Wreckordz LLC to your playlist now and get caught up.

Back When I was Trapping
Latest Released Album from Mr.100. In all Digital Stores and can be heard free on SoundCloud.
This is an Album worth downloading. Go back with Mr.100 in his younger days and find your favorite track on this hot album now. All of the beats were produced by Mr.100.
I'll Be Dead
Latest Released single from Mr.100. Released 4/25/2018
Mr.100 has released another hit single titled “I’ll Be Dead”. He also produced the track. This track was released 4/25/18 and can be downloaded, streamed or purchased from any Digital Store within the US or out of Country.
Clibming by Mr.100 ft. Mikey Vanhailen
One of Mr.100s hottest released Singles. “Climbing” ft. Mikey Vanhailen prod. by Mr.100.
This is by far one of our favorite tracks from Mr.100. Featuring Mikey Vanhailen from New York. Add this hot track to your playlist. Released 4/6/2018.

Richie Trapps making a Entrance 

Richie Trapps is a Talented Independent Artist/Producer representing from South Africa. His unique flow and catchy hooks are enough to keep you listening. His beats are also slamming as he is the one who produces his own tracks. Read Richie Trapps brief bio below.

Richie Trapps latest Release

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New single out in all digital stores
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Falling out now in Amazon
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Richie Trapps in iTunes

Bio: Nhlanhla Richard Nqoko (born 27th of May, 1997) is a vibrant hiphop musician & music producer well known by his stage name, “Richie Trapps”. Born and raised in a village called Mvutshini, South Coast of KwaZulu Natal, he started making music in 2012 and has been working as an independent artist. Richie Trapps has collaborated with many local artists & producers and has also took audiences by storm on events that he has performed at. His music has been on the Top 10 charts on one of the local radio stations and he has obtained a radio interview. •For Bookings/Queries send an email to

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