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These days, everyone has something that may need a great mass of people to get them going. What do we mean? Well for example, you may want to be a big time music Artist of some sort, or even a Model, or how about an actor? You may have a few projects that you have worked on that could take off, if only you had some support right? Right.

Without support, you may feel like it’s a waste of time or energy. But the truth is, asking for support only proves the lack of it. When you ask for support it pushes potential supporters away. It’s not the fact that you asked for support that made them stray away from what you have going on. It’s the fact that if you have to ask for support, they can’t help but wonder why, leading them away from supporting you on their own. Instead, let your work gain the supporters and fans on its own. 1 by 1. These are those who are not only interested in what you do or offer, but will support you, promote you and or even recommend you. Support It’s earned by doing great work, not popularity, not affiliation, not flashing money photos or any other degrading tactic. 100 percent work, dedication, and staying honest with your crowd could be your big break. Share this with those you know need to read this. Read More

SoundCloud is your best friend

Is SoundCloud Your Best Friend? 

SoundCloud is one of the best music social networks around for streaming, listening, sharing, and discovering new and current music. If you are a Artist, Agent, Talent scout ect, then you can benefit from SoundCloud Greatly. If you are sharing original content to which you own the rights to, then we recommend becoming a Pro Member and monetize your work to experience all of the perks and get payed for your music. A lot of different Artist have been heard and discovered through SoundCloud. 100wreckordz, LLC has benefitted greatly from this network and have helped a lot of different artist get heard as well. Go ahead and give it a try if you have music you need to be heard. There are millions of SoundCloud fans just waiting to hear you. When you sign up add us. (Add Us)

Don’t look past SoundCloud. It’s one of the best moves you could make. It’s your best friend. Use it right, accurately, pay for statistics, utilize the statistics, enjoy your crowd.

Get your music on this big network now Get my music on

 Make sure you listen to this project if you love great music. Various Artist from around the world, from US to Out of Country.I Put Me On 

This new single will be releasing at 3pm Memories by Freddy B. Make sure you tune in, this track is unavailable until that time comes.

How to block Ads on your iPhone manually and Free

Ads can be very annoying, especially when you are trying to click on something else other than what pops up. There are several apps “claiming” to block ads, when in all actuality, they actually contain ads themselves. Well we are here to show you a great and effective strategy you can use. This method is for the iPhone only. Here we go.

Now this method is normally used to block sites. But when you sit and think about it, what do you think an ad is? A site. Here is how it’s done below. We also added photos so you can make sure you are doing the steps correctly.

Step 1

 Click on General Settings 

Step 1
Click “General Settings”

Step 2

 Click on Restrictions 

Step 2
Click “Restrictions”

Step 3

 Make A Restrictions Password

Step 3
Make Restrictions Password

Step 4

 Click on Websites

Select  Websites
Scroll down to Allowed Content Select “Websites”

Step 5

 Select Limit Adult content, and then copy and paste the sites of the ads that pop up. Make sure if a ad pops up, that you copy the link and paste it in the “Never Allow” area.

Step 5
Select “Limit Adult Content”

Step 6

 Blocked Ads Completed.

Blocked Ads  Complete
Here is what you will see anytime a blocked Ad trys to pop up.

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What Else?


We see Artist promote their music and Brand in many different ways. But many of the ways seen are the same as others, which can make it difficult for them to stand out. We have realized that strategy is key, along with going out side of the box. If you pay attention to us closely you will see what we mean.

100wreckordz, LLC has plenty of music and projects for you to hear. But it’s only beneficial if it’s being heard. We know how hard it is to be discovered, but there are impacting tactics that can be used. We are here to give you an example. 

If you are using a mobile device right now, click these links and discover new music and new Artist for both free download and purchase.

(Mr100) (Multiple Artist & Projects from 100wreckordz, LLC

 You aren’t the only one thinking about pursing a Music Career.  
Watch Sponge bob go double time.

More funny videos below. 

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Check out how this News Reporter gets down.😂

Xbox users will love this

Quick question. Do you think Twitter gets your message across? If so click here Yes I Do and tell us how Twitter has helped your brand.

 Kevin Hart is Hilarious  
Who doesn’t appreciate a good laugh?

You must admit, this is quite clever.
  Obama has hip-hop in his blood. 

Check out the performance from the President.

Here is what the real definition of “Netflix & Chill.” Watch this clip, we promise you’ll laugh.   

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Animals “Netflix & Chill” to😂😂

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