What the Cops, & Feds don’t tell….

Leaked Documents
Confidential Information Leaked

Interested in learning the system. Are you curious on the intentions of the Police or Federal government. Don’t become bait, let them do their job and figure things out alone. Maybe after you read this, you will see why.

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How to block Ads on your iPhone manually and Free

Ads can be very annoying, especially when you are trying to click on something else other than what pops up. There are several apps “claiming” to block ads, when in all actuality, they actually contain ads themselves. Well we are here to show you a great and effective strategy you can use. This method is for the iPhone only. Here we go.

Now this method is normally used to block sites. But when you sit and think about it, what do you think an ad is? A site. Here is how it’s done below. We also added photos so you can make sure you are doing the steps correctly.

Step 1

 Click on General Settings 

Step 1
Click “General Settings”

Step 2

 Click on Restrictions 

Step 2
Click “Restrictions”

Step 3

 Make A Restrictions Password

Step 3
Make Restrictions Password

Step 4

 Click on Websites

Select  Websites
Scroll down to Allowed Content Select “Websites”

Step 5

 Select Limit Adult content, and then copy and paste the sites of the ads that pop up. Make sure if a ad pops up, that you copy the link and paste it in the “Never Allow” area.

Step 5
Select “Limit Adult Content”

Step 6

 Blocked Ads Completed.

Blocked Ads  Complete
Here is what you will see anytime a blocked Ad trys to pop up.

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What Else?

  We all have someone who has been stolen away from us, not only from violence, but the slammer as well. Many of us have been waiting on our loved ones and friends to return for years do to the time they have been put away, probably for a crime that wasn’t even worth so much time. Well for some of us, that time is almost up. We finally get to have them back in our lives soon. If you are one of those people, please leave a comment giving your loved one a shout out. Let them know you are glad they are coming home. It’s been a long ride. “Don’t forget them”. Why we are at it, we would like to say FREE C-Dubb and he’s on his way home.41 Days left of 10 years of hell 

41 days left of 10 years of hell
40 days left

The “Boss” C-Dubb has something else he wants to say. 

Real Niggas on the way back
Send those pictures ladies. Let’s make these last days fly for C-Dubb. 

Boss on his way home from 10 year sentenceĀ 

After 10 long years, Former Street Boss is on his way back home to his family, with only months left of his sentence. Rap Artist Mr100 names him in a few of his tracks using the alias “C-Dub”. 

Some words from C-Dubs Facebook yesterday morning


Former Street Boss
Add C-Dub and keep in touch.

  “See Me When They Free Me”~C-Dub 

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