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How do you know what real is when the world was made with fake intentions and selfish wants? Money, Power, Religion, Slavery, Manipulation and Destruction are just a handful. People will kill for money. People with power will abuse it. Religion shouldn’t be so diverse and re-edited. Slavery shouldn’t even be considered an option. No race should have a say so on who should and shouldn’t be slaves. This world takes advantage of the human species by mastering Manipulation. They are so successful at this because they start with the manipulation within your childhood years.

No one really ever had a chance to truly think for themselves. Every human being including myself has been taught by someone else how to live life. The way we begin living life afterwards comes into play once we realize just that. But what we know still goes based on another persons teaching. We are programed to do what others want us to do, instead of what we actually want to do. Starting with schooling.

Not saying that getting a “Education” isn’t important. But for every school, every child is taught to basically learn the exact same thing. Being told what is important and what isn’t.  What to know or “What you need to know to survive in this world”. What piece of history you should know and so on. Not going to speak to much more on this subject but schools have changed.

Monkey see, Monkey do. That’s how this world works. But you can make sure you don’t get caught in this way of life by having a strong brain that actually thinks for itself. If you lived life based on a “Do what I wanna Do” attitude and did everything because you wanted to and not because you felt you are supposed to. Then you will soon master life and the world. You also will live the life of doing more of what you love instead of what you hate.

We all want to be in control right? We all want our own business or to be rich in some aspect right? If you said yes. Don’t worry its normal. That’s what we all want including myself. Its good to have something you want to be in control of, own or anything like that. That means you have something that you actually want to do yourself. That’s good. Keep that way of thinking.

If you would like to hear more on this subject and what we think. Leave your comments, like or even share and we will continuously update it. We are all about encouraging others and trying to share good information.

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Bio: Nhlanhla Richard Nqoko (born 27th of May, 1997) is a vibrant hiphop musician & music producer well known by his stage name, “Richie Trapps”. Born and raised in a village called Mvutshini, South Coast of KwaZulu Natal, he started making music in 2012 and has been working as an independent artist. Richie Trapps has collaborated with many local artists & producers and has also took audiences by storm on events that he has performed at. His music has been on the Top 10 charts on one of the local radio stations and he has obtained a radio interview. •For Bookings/Queries send an email to

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