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“I Love Free Music” t-shirts and hoodies express the way real music lovers feel when it comes to Music. Music is apart of everyday life and often helps us express how we feel. Own your “I Love Free Music” t-shirt or hoodie today. Available in a variety of colors and sizes. Get Yours Now

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Giant Snake Attacks Cow until this happens..


Watch what Happens to this Cow when it gets caught sitting in the wrong place at the right time. #Snakes Vs #Cows







The Craziest, Wildest, Most Extreme and Entertaining Timelines on Facebook

Bad Cops Kill Good People, and blame them for it. This shirt is made for all of those against the mistreatment of Law Enforcement. Good Cops Included. #100Wreckordz, LLC #BadCops VS #GoodPeople

Posted by 100Wreckordz on Friday, February 5, 2016

What the Cops, & Feds don’t tell….

Leaked Documents
Confidential Information Leaked

Interested in learning the system. Are you curious on the intentions of the Police or Federal government. Don’t become bait, let them do their job and figure things out alone. Maybe after you read this, you will see why.

Download Confidential Informant Hand Guide


Snoop Flashes on Microsoft & Bill Gates 

Microsoft & Bill Gates
Microsoft and Bill Gates had some online difficulties that really pissed off the BIG Snoop Dogg. Click here to read more.. Snoop Dogg Goes off

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